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40% of all profits given to team

One thing I absolutely know for sure is that the people that are responsible for the success of a business are the people on the front line. The problem with most business models is that profits flow from the front line to a few individuals, often shareholders in large corporations or single business owners as… More »

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Selling Your Dental Practice to a Corporate

So, you are looking for a way to sell your dental practice, perhaps to a corporate. Here is how it works at Future Health Partnership (FHP). We are looking for dental practice owners who wish to remain within their team, at the same level of clinical input for around five years, preferably ten. The practice… More »

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CQC, HTM01-05 & The Tick Box Culture

I wonder how many hoops  a dental practice has to jump through today? I’m sure if you started to think about it you could name quite a few,  CQC, HTM01 – 05, GDC, CPD and so the compliance list goes on. There are constant discussions about these issues on social media and dental forums and… More »

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10 Essential Qualities for Leadership in Healthcare

Dame Ruth Carnall today wrote an excellent article in The Guardian talking about essential leadership qualities for the NHS. Using her article as a base I’d  like to expand upon it using her experience and ideas to talk about our own beloved industry of dentistry. I am drawing my own conclusions after having spent 25 years… More »

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Future Health Partnership Brochure now Available

Our new FHP brochure titled “Better Healthcare Together” is now available either to download or in an online page turning format e-Brochure (See below). The brochure addresses the following key areas: What is our Proposal? Who are Future Health Partnership? Who do we want to join us? What is our partnership approach? What will this… More »

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Dentistry Show 2013

The Dentistry Show this year looks like it is going to be great event with around 5500 dentists, practice managers, hygienists, therapists, dental nurses and dental technicians expected to attend. The show website also reports that more than 350 suppliers from around the world are going to be at the event showcasing their very latest… More »

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The Future Health Partnership Model Explained

The principle behind FHP is that we are creating a new business model for the provision of healthcare in the UK. At the moment a dentist that wants to have some control over their own destiny really only has the option of setting up their own business. The problem with this is that they suddenly… More »

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Enquiries, enquiries, enquiries – oh and the proof about Employee Ownership

More and more enquiries coming in from dentists who thought they liked the ‘entrepreneurial’ life but actually now realise that they just want to be a dentist again! Employee ownership rewards your staff for helping you get where you are today, shares the profits between yourself and the staff whilst maintaining your current income –… More »

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Strengths, weaknesses and enjoying what you do

Simon Gallier Employee Ownership Healthcare Blog Strengths, weaknesses and enjoying what you do. I am sure many if not all of you reading this post will be aware of a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) that many a coach will tell to do for yourself. If we did a SWOT or actually just a… More »

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Tired of those hassles in your practice?

Are you tired of all of the hassles that go with running a dental practice? Perhaps you just want to go back to being the best dentist that you can be, let someone else do with the business side of things and do the right thing for your patients and the staff that have been… More »

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