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Is there a future for a general dentist?

With the increasing complexity of dental practice, when does a Jack of all trades become a master of none?  When I entered general practice in 1982, the main requirement of a dentist was to perform an examination, immediately plan the treatment (in your head) and then carry out the general dental care required.  This general… More »

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I was struck recently by the holocaust victim, Eva Kor, who forgave Oskar Groening, a former guard at the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, who was convicted of being an accessory to the murder of at least 300,000 Jews.  Two things struck me about what Eva said.  Firstly, in forgiving, she was able to move… More »

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Regulation and regulators

It is almost beyond time to fight back. So many of us have been negatively impacted by the modern-day regulator, where common sense has been replaced by a strait-jacket of regulation. These regulations are thought up mainly by people who are not actually impacted by the regulations they introduce and enforce, and therefore tend to… More »

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From where do YOU get YOUR ethics?  We dentists come from many different generations and backgrounds, so when we talk about ethics what do we mean and who are our role models? Do your ethics derive from family, friends, dental school, TV programmes, social media, etc.?  We constantly talk about working in an ethical way,… More »

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iCare, iBelieve, iThrive

You may ask, what is iCare, iBelieve, iThrive? It’s a way of life for all dental professionals to follow in order to achieve whatever it is that you want to accomplish.  I have often said that dentistry is a unique business. We are in the amazing position of being able to build trust, respect, empathy… More »

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The solution to the problem that is NHS Dentistry.

I have been a dentist for over 30 years, and fairly recently I’ve developed Future Health Partnership (FHP). It is a not-for-profit healthcare organisation with the ultimate aim of allowing each practice to become part of a group and be held for the benefit of all staff. You may well ask why I felt the… More »

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Has the world gone mad or just woken up?

At the moment, there seems to be a never-ending crisis in healthcare whether it is medicine, CQC or dentistry. In dentistry there is the continuing crisis that is NHS dentistry. A singular failure over the years to acknowledge the funding gap between what the Department of Health/Government of the day want to deliver to the… More »

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CQC, HTM01-05 & The Tick Box Culture

I wonder how many hoops  a dental practice has to jump through today? I’m sure if you started to think about it you could name quite a few,  CQC, HTM01 – 05, GDC, CPD and so the compliance list goes on. There are constant discussions about these issues on social media and dental forums and… More »

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10 Essential Qualities for Leadership in Healthcare

Dame Ruth Carnall today wrote an excellent article in The Guardian talking about essential leadership qualities for the NHS. Using her article as a base I’d  like to expand upon it using her experience and ideas to talk about our own beloved industry of dentistry. I am drawing my own conclusions after having spent 25 years… More »

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Do Yo Want To Be Happier and Healthier?

New research just published by the Employee Ownership Association and sponsored by John Lewis Partnership shows that staff working in employee owned companies are happier, and more secure than workers without a stake in their company. “Fit for Work? Health and Wellbeing in Employee Owned Business” provides independent evidence on the impact of employee ownership on… More »

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