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Time for change in dentistry or do we keep the same old, same old…..

Yesterday George Osborne announced the new governor of the Bank of England. The current governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, appears to be an inspirational choice and certainly not what the bookies had expected especially after Carney had appeared to turn down the job at the very outset. So, what about dentistry? Are… More »

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Time for a reality check?

I sometimes feel that we as a profession are losing track of what the main aim is. The majority of our work should aimed at keeping existing patients healthy mainly be regular monitoring and advice. Clearly we all see the occasional new patient where are aims should be to assess, advise and support them towards… More »

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The Future Health Partnership Model Explained

The principle behind FHP is that we are creating a new business model for the provision of healthcare in the UK. At the moment a dentist that wants to have some control over their own destiny really only has the option of setting up their own business. The problem with this is that they suddenly… More »

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Strengths, weaknesses and enjoying what you do

Simon Gallier Employee Ownership Healthcare Blog Strengths, weaknesses and enjoying what you do. I am sure many if not all of you reading this post will be aware of a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) that many a coach will tell to do for yourself. If we did a SWOT or actually just a… More »

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Tired of those hassles in your practice?

Are you tired of all of the hassles that go with running a dental practice? Perhaps you just want to go back to being the best dentist that you can be, let someone else do with the business side of things and do the right thing for your patients and the staff that have been… More »

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Reassurance and Empowerment

Simon Gallier Employee Ownership Healthcare Blog Yesterday was the first major visit by a head office team since the ownership of Gwersyllt Dental Practice was transferred to the staff by the owner Phil Guest just under 6 weeks ago. I attended with Kevin Rose and Mark Oborn and we spent the whole day with our new colleagues.… More »

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How much is my dental practice worth?

Dental practice valuations are a constant source of interest for principle dentists and the owners of dental practices. So if you own a practice, how much is it worth? As with anything in life, what something is worth is dependent upon what a person is prepared to pay, and what the overall offering is. Consider… More »

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Selling a dental practice

One concern that people have when selling a dental practice is ‘how much am I going to get?’ -seems a pretty good question to ask! What you need to understand first of all is that Future Health Partnership does not buy dental practices in the traditional sense. Our model is to facilitate a staff buy… More »

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What does employee ownership mean for me as a business owner?

We’d love you to join the Future Health Partnership, but what does this mean for you? As the practice owner it means we will transfer your ownership to all of your employees. From that point you will continue to be an owner involved in running your practice, you will simply have exchanged individual ownership for… More »

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How to Interview for Talent – Latest Blog Post by Kevin Rose

In the previous article, we explored the significance of recruiting for talent and that skills and experience are not necessarily a precursor to successfully filling a vacant role. With hindsight, when you think about your best staff there will often be “something about them” and whatever that is, it will include talents that set them… More »

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