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The solution to the problem that is NHS Dentistry.

I have been a dentist for over 30 years, and fairly recently I’ve developed Future Health Partnership (FHP). It is a not-for-profit healthcare organisation with the ultimate aim of allowing each practice to become part of a group and be held for the benefit of all staff. You may well ask why I felt the… More »

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Has the world gone mad or just woken up?

At the moment, there seems to be a never-ending crisis in healthcare whether it is medicine, CQC or dentistry. In dentistry there is the continuing crisis that is NHS dentistry. A singular failure over the years to acknowledge the funding gap between what the Department of Health/Government of the day want to deliver to the… More »

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10 Essential Qualities for Leadership in Healthcare

Dame Ruth Carnall today wrote an excellent article in The Guardian talking about essential leadership qualities for the NHS. Using her article as a base I’d  like to expand upon it using her experience and ideas to talk about our own beloved industry of dentistry. I am drawing my own conclusions after having spent 25 years… More »

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Time for change in dentistry or do we keep the same old, same old…..

Yesterday George Osborne announced the new governor of the Bank of England. The current governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, appears to be an inspirational choice and certainly not what the bookies had expected especially after Carney had appeared to turn down the job at the very outset. So, what about dentistry? Are… More »

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Enquiries, enquiries, enquiries – oh and the proof about Employee Ownership

More and more enquiries coming in from dentists who thought they liked the ‘entrepreneurial’ life but actually now realise that they just want to be a dentist again! Employee ownership rewards your staff for helping you get where you are today, shares the profits between yourself and the staff whilst maintaining your current income –… More »

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What does employee ownership mean for me as a business owner?

We’d love you to join the Future Health Partnership, but what does this mean for you? As the practice owner it means we will transfer your ownership to all of your employees. From that point you will continue to be an owner involved in running your practice, you will simply have exchanged individual ownership for… More »

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Wages down, paperwork up for NHS dentists

Average pay for practice owners with an NHS contract fell by £10,900 in 2010-11 while their hours spent on paperwork increased, new figures show. The deterioration in terms and conditions is detailed in two reports published today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). Dental Earnings and Expenses, England and Wales, 2010-11 shows taxable income (gross… More »

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