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Has the world gone mad or just woken up?

At the moment, there seems to be a never-ending crisis in healthcare whether it is medicine, CQC or dentistry. In dentistry there is the continuing crisis that is NHS dentistry. A singular failure over the years to acknowledge the funding gap between what the Department of Health/Government of the day want to deliver to the… More »

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Selling Your Dental Practice to a Corporate

So, you are looking for a way to sell your dental practice, perhaps to a corporate. Here is how it works at Future Health Partnership (FHP). We are looking for dental practice owners who wish to remain within their team, at the same level of clinical input for around five years, preferably ten. The practice… More »

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How much is my dental practice worth?

Dental practice valuations are a constant source of interest for principle dentists and the owners of dental practices. So if you own a practice, how much is it worth? As with anything in life, what something is worth is dependent upon what a person is prepared to pay, and what the overall offering is. Consider… More »

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Selling a dental practice

One concern that people have when selling a dental practice is ‘how much am I going to get?’ -seems a pretty good question to ask! What you need to understand first of all is that Future Health Partnership does not buy dental practices in the traditional sense. Our model is to facilitate a staff buy… More »

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