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Find out more about FHP Today
Find out more about FHP Today!
"Achieving More Together"

Mission Statement

"Future Health Partnership's reputation is based upon the uniqueness of our ownership structure and the delivery of quality dentistry. Our purpose is 'to have an instantly recognisable and well-known chain of healthcare practices which has a team of happy and smiling partners who provide their local community with ethical and sustainable dentistry that makes everyone smile." Our success is measured on our ability to make our partners and customers smile. Bearing this in mind, our strategy is based on five interdependent objectives of sustainability, legacy, community, growth and smiling."

What problem does FHP solve?

We are here to help dental practice owners reduce stress and get back to practising the dentistry that they love. They may be fed up with the status quo in the dental profession or frustrated with red tape and falling morale, there must be a better way of doing things!

FHP offer a John Lewis style partnership in a Community Interest Company. Your practice becomes part of our community, you go back to being a dentist, the team around you are partners and we all run the practice together. We provide back office and admin support.

The 3rd way

You no longer want to own a practice

What are your options?

Future Health Partnership

Option 1: Sell to an associate or other dentist. Problem: Finding one you trust or that can afford it.

Option 2: Sell to a corporate. Problem: The focus of the business changes from delivering good quality health care to making money for the shareholders.

Option 3: Future Health Partnership. We offer a fair compensation for handing your practice over to FHP. All team members have the option to buy in for £1.

One vote, one share for everyone.
Working together as a partnership we achieve more for you, your team, your patients and the local community.

Broad Brand Objectives
"To deliver ethical and sustainable dentistry in a way that benefits team members and patients."


  • customer satisfaction rating
  • dental hygiene score of patients
  • partners satisfaction rating
"To leave a legacy for future patients and team members"


  • value of the trust/shares increasing
  • each individual practice returning a healthy profit which is then retained or invested in the locality
"To be known as a community of smiling people."


  • customer satisfaction rating
  • use of FHP partners forum/group discussions
"Each individual FHP practice to grow by 10% per year "


  • practice management software reports and financials
"To provide quality dental care to an additional 10,000 people each year"


  • practice management software reports

We help with the running of the practice and allow you to go back to delivering quality dentistry

Does this sound like you?

Take a look at the description of a typical Future Health Partnership partner,

and ask yourself now, does any of this apply to me?

If it does, you could be a perfect partner in the Future Health Partnership.

  • You like to manage your business by group consensus.
  • You are motivated by working together for the community.
  • You make decisions so that the people in your business do their jobs smoothly.
  • Consensus is important to you.
  • You prefer not to cause arguments between yourself and your team.
  • You are looking for stability.
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