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Find out more about FHP Today
Find out more about FHP Today!

Employee ownership is synonymous with businesses such as John Lewis Partnership, that are known for the quality of their customer service and the Future Health Partnership is the first employee owned company to follow this model.

Employee ownership through the Future Health Partnership provides dental practice owners an alternative to selling their businesses outright to a new private owner or a corporation and empowers all of the employees with the ability to deal with each other and their patients as they choose.

These are the practices that we are delighted to have within the Future Health Partnership.

Future Health Partnership

Does this sound like you?

Take a look at the description of a typical Future Health Partnership partner,

and ask yourself now, does any of this apply to me?

If it does, you could be a perfect partner in the Future Health Partnership.

  • You like to manage your business by group consensus.
  • You are motivated by working together for the community.
  • You make decisions so that the people in your business do their jobs smoothly.
  • Consensus is important to you.
  • You prefer not to cause arguments between yourself and your team.
  • You are looking for stability.
  • ....Read more