Find out more about FHP Today
Find out more about FHP Today!
Are you looking for a moral, ethical, professional healthcare business which is run solely for the benefit of its staff and patients?
A culture of productivity, innovation and responsiveness that drives better outcomes for patients?

​An ethical approach that allows dentists to focus on patients and rewards the whole practice team for delivering high quality care?

Join FHP to create the UK's largest ethical, not for profit health services provider.

Welcome to Future Health Partnership

Future Health Partnership (FHP) is a not for profit healthcare organisation.

We believe that healthcare is unique and like no other business. It is about the delivery of personal health and well being by trained healthcare workers on a one to one basis.

Our desire to be a large organisation is so that we can deliver efficiencies and economies of scale to reduce costs, not so that a small number of individuals or shareholders can benefit financially.

We want all our staff to have personal financial security and work for an organisation that cares about them as much as our patients.

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What is Future Health Partnership (FHP)?

FHP is similar to a "John Lewis" style business which offers a viable, ethical future for healthcare. Each practice becomes part of the group which will be held for the benefit of all staff not just the practice/previous owner.

This video by John Lewis explains their model well.

How do we work?

FHP is looking for healthcare practice owners who want to stay on in the business and continue to offer the highest quality patient care, without having to deal with all the administration that goes with running a practice. We offer the practice owner compensation for handing the business over to FHP, the practice is then immediately handed back to all of the team with all profits being re-invested in the business.

The practice owner becomes a partner of Future Health Partnership, as do all of the team members.

We are also looking to work with healthcare partners whether Commissioning Boards or healthcare organisations of similar ethics to grow our business and provide healthcare for all.

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This exciting new concept in the dental industry will appeal greatly to those who are disillusioned and with ever increasing burden of running a dental practice and allow them to enjoy treating patients again.

Eddie Crouch - Dentist & Secretary, Birmingham LDC
Future Health Partnership Values
  • Do more of what you enjoy
  • Reward/thank the team for making this life possible
  • Lead by example for future generations in healthcare
  • Forcefully believing in ethics, morals and professionalism
  • Be excited about life and work
  • To be a community
  • Smile more
  • Mutual Respect
  • Fair reward for hard work
  • Collaboration
Future health partnarship

Our business model ensures a sustainable future for you, your team, your patients and their dental health.

Our financial structure ensures a legacy for you and your team.

Our working practices create a community feel to our partnership.

Our systems work together to drive growth in terms profit and the number of people helped with their dental health.

Being part of such an organisation ensures everyone involved is smiling.

Does this sound like you?

Take a look at the description of a typical Future Health Partnership partner,

and ask yourself now, does any of this apply to me?

If it does, you could be a perfect partner in the Future Health Partnership.

  • You like to manage your business by group consensus.
  • You are motivated by working together for the community.
  • You make decisions so that the people in your business do their jobs smoothly.
  • Consensus is important to you.
  • You prefer not to cause arguments between yourself and your team.
  • You are looking for stability.
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