Be part of FHP

We will take away the day to day running of your practice to allow you to deliver excellent dentistry

FHP is looking for dental practice owners who want to stay on in the business and continue to offer the highest quality patient care, without having to deal with all the administration that goes with running a practice.


Why FHP?

We are here to help dental practice owners reduce stress and get back to practising the dentistry that they love. They may be fed up with the status quo in the dental profession, or frustrated with the red tape and falling morale - there must be a better way of doing things!

Option 1

Sell to an associate or other dentist. 


Finding one you trust or that can afford it.

Option 2

Sell to a corporate.


The focus of the business changes from delivering quality dentistry  to generating profit for shareholders.

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Or Option FHP!

Our ethos is based on four interdependent objectives: 


We build a business model that ensures a sustainable future for you, your team, your patients and their oral health.


We create a supportive culture that encourage team members to develop and to grow, which enable them to continue to deliver quality dentistry to their local community.


We believe in good growth and team members are empowered to make decisions that promote long term success, where profit is then retained or reinvested back to the business.


We want patients to smile with confidence and team members beaming with smile because they are part of FHP!